Promise is committed to providing an affordable, quality education. Our school is able to offer an excellent educational programme with lower fees through the sacrificial salaries of our staff, fundraising, and the generosity of our community and founders.


Pre-school students (before year 1)




Years 1-6



Lower Secondary

Years 7-9



IGCSE "O" Levels

Years 10-11



AS/A Levels

Years 12-13



An Application Fee of $50 is payable upon submission of the application form and is not refundable.

A Registration Fee of $900 is payable upon acceptance and registration of a child at Promise School.
This is a once-off payment fee and is not refundable.

The Tuition Fee is payable per semester or per term. The tuition fee covers classroom stationery (exercise books, pencils, art supplies, etc….), but does not include transport to and from school, uniforms, textbooks and field trips.

Cambridge International Assessment Examination Fees: Examination fees are on a per subject basis for IGCSE, “AS” Level and “A” Level students. They are applied from Year 10 to Year 13.

A Late fee penalty of $10 / K10, 000 per week is chargeable on all accounts that are not paid within the due time.

Payment Terms:

  • Payments can be made by cash or bank transfer.
  • Cash payment can be made in either Kyat or US dollars. Kyat equivalent fees will be calculated at the exchange rate set by Promise School. Payment in US dollars should be made in $100 notes or an additional charge will be applicable on smaller notes.